This is as true today as it was two years ago, when I offered this open letter as a warning that we shouldn’t put Republicans back into any semblance of power. And what happened? We got the likes of Scott Walker and other Koch puppets, in addition to Mister Jumbo Gavel himself. Let us all learn from this, please.

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“It’s time to put grownups in charge. It’s time for people willing to accept responsibility,” House Republican leader John Boehner told a civic group in Cleveland on Tuesday.

Well, Mr. Boehner, let’s just take a look at what your alleged Republican “grownups” have done for us so far.  Let’s look at your party’s fiscal and legislative responsibility.

That same day, Mr. Boehner, you also urged President Obama to support an extension of Bush-era tax cuts for the very, very, very rich.

These tax cuts for the upper 1% or 2% do not trickle down into the mainstream economy. Not enough, anyway.  And there’s still nothing to balance the revenue shortfall, so the deficit would continue to expand – and that’s what you’ve all been wailing about of late, no?  Just as George W. Bush did with the nation’s credit card, you would be borrowing from Peter (who hasn’t been…

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Long-time journalist. I think far too many people have been deliberately and cynically misinformed by Rupert Murdoch and his henchmen. I'm hoping we can get to the truth and clear some things up, to get this nation back on track. Follow and contact me on Twitter @word_czar (photo of Brooklyn Bridge by Teresa Reinalda)
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